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StudySpanish.com includes audio practice for pronumciation, grammar, verb drills, vocabulary, idioms and culture for the Spanish language.  Try it out! Best Spanish Web Sites by Jim Becker has links to sites for Spanish teachers, tutorial lessons, vocabulary, worksheets, dictionaries, Spanish newspapers, and Spanish penpals, and more. Espanole is the online source for Spanish teachers and Spanish students.
Fodor`s has a great web site for travelers who want to learn Spanish. Learn Spanish with the Internet Picture Dictionary of Spanish. Try Enchanted Learning`s Spanish Theme Page, which includes a Picture Dictionary, Information, Quizzes, Worksheets and Printouts to Color.
Annenberg Learning provides free access to Destinos, which includes 52 half-hour videos for learning Spanish. EDSITEment has all kinds of lesson plans for foreign languages. MIT Libraries have links to foreign language electronic journals, newspapers, and magazines for your students.
Use Teachnology to locate Spanish lesson plans. Search Teachers.net for lesson plans for teaching French. Spanish Language and Culture by Barbara Kuczun Nelson from Colby College in Maine links to oral readings, songs, and poetry in Spanish, as well as verbal practice in grammar and vocabulary.
Don Quijote.com has links to the history of Spanish literature, the history of Latin American Literature and a Spanish Literature Library with free online books.  There are also links to resources for learning and teaching Spanish. Spanish-Books.net has links to Spanish literature, biographies of Literary Masters, and the online version of Don Quixote. Classic Spanish Books.com has links to information about Spanish literature beginning in the 16th century.
This Spanish Literature Page contains resources for advanced Spanish students and Spanish first language students. You will find all types of literature resources, from novels, poems and plays to essays and the history of Spanish literature. The Learn Spanish blog has videos that are helpful to Spanish students. There are also links at the top to Spanish vocabulary, phrases, a Spanish dictionary, Spanish culture, and Spanish verbs. LanguageGames.org has the online games of Hangman, Crossword Puzzles, and Word Searches in French, Spanish, German and Italian.  Try one now!

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