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List of educator reviewed educational web sites for use in classrooms and at home: grades 1-8, weather, clean water, clean air, pollution, wildlife, climate change, energy, online quizzes, printable acitivites. In honor of Earth Day, Education World offers the following articles and activities: Endangered Species, Composting, Reduce Waste, Recycle, Earth Facts Game,Sustainable Products. Learn about Earth Day with online games for kids at
Learn about the history of Earth Day Check out the history behind Earth Day. Find out how this green movement celebration soared from 20 million people in 1970 to over 1 billion today. The official EPA website invites you to check out the events and activities planned around the country.
Earth Day. Selected reference guides, webcasts, American Memory pages, and links to other organizations. Science Reference Service, Library of Congress: ecology, global warming, climate change, green living, earth studies, environment, solar energy, wind power, invasive species, electric vehicles, sustainable agriculture, alternative fuel, alternative vehicles, gardening EDN activities, greening schools green economic policies Earth Day Offered here are links to resources dealing with Reduce, Reuse, Recycle, World Biomes, Electronics Recycling, Earth Day Scavenger Hunt, and Keep America Beautiful.
Educational Earthday Best Collection of Ideas Tips Learning for Everyone Everyage Earth Day recycling links from the Blount County Learning Center earth day links
Plant a Tree, Start a Garden, or Have a Spring Clean Up for Earth Day

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